bored? take advantage

Everyday I pause before walking down the five floors of my apartment building to put in my headphones and start a podcast, lest I walk for 40 seconds without stimulation. It's not just for fun. It's part of this never-ending digital to-do list... Continue Reading →

AI will take our jobs. But not necessarily in the way we think.

Most of the scary articles I read about AI coming for our jobs focus on on the same low skill, repetitive tasks that could easily be automated: driving, data entry, simple assembly line tasks. I do worry about impending job losses for Uber... Continue Reading →

the upside to indecisiveness

I am on the cusp of making a very big life decision. Two options sit in front of me. On the bright side, both of my options are quite good. But I am scared of choosing the wrong one. In 10 years,... Continue Reading →

raising the bar for our ads

A popular activity for ad people is de-constructing great ads. I spend hours on the Cannes winners site every year, analyzing the campaigns that won awards, getting inspired with ideas to up my game next year. But you know what's better than a really good ad? Stranger... Continue Reading →

theorizing on happiness

I am really, really happy this morning. And it's not just because I am currently on vacation, listening to Mac Demarco's album which I recently discovered, while relaxing in a hotel in Los Angeles before I see him in concert later. Although... Continue Reading →

A sunny take on the view from rock bottom

It's been a tough year or so of depression. Most days it feels as if I am operating beneath a heavy weight of sadness, social anxiety, and general lack of motivation. As a usual overachiever, my indifference toward the world is alarming.... Continue Reading →

y-7 yoga review

“The bathroom is on your left, and you can store your shoes in one of the cubbies behind me,” chirped the receptionist. I nodded and walked around her desk. In place of running shoes, cubbies full of street-wear sneakers looked... Continue Reading →

what Donald Trump can teach us about empathy

I participated in a brand/product innovation workshop last week for a well-known CPG brand that's consumed all over America.  The brief was typical: increase relevance among millennials.  I came in to work early to participate in the session. They're usually fun. Plus,... Continue Reading →

glossier ads take over the NYC subway

One of my favorite things about the subway are the ads. Unlike internet banner ads, the ads on the NYC subway are usually pretty smart. Casper continues to dominate subways with clever (and sometimes cheeky) cartoons about their perfect mattress. Oscar insurance uses the same flat... Continue Reading →

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