In the past, I have organized my phone apps by what they do. Photo-editing in one bucket, social apps (facebook, insta, snap, twitter) in another, and all those un-deletable Apple apps in their own pile hidden on the second screen.

I read a quote that inspired me to think differently about my phone organization:

Are you using technology, or is technology using you?

Hm… I would like to think that I am using my technology. But I am increasingly aware of how much time I waste on my phone.

And so, I reorganized. Instead of organizing apps by what they do, I am thinking about what they do for me. I put some apps in a bucket of habits I want (wordpress app for writing, forest app for focus, headspace for mindfulness). Other apps got clustered into a bucket of things I don’t really need (photos, twitter, snap). And the apps that use me the most (Facebook and Insta) got the axe altogether.


Regarding the habits I want, this organization doesn’t solve everything. I still have to actually do them. But, it’s way my phone can remind me to focus on the things that matter.