I am on the cusp of making a very big life decision. Two options sit in front of me. On the bright side, both of my options are quite good. But I am scared of choosing the wrong one. In 10 years, will I look back with regret?

I wish I didn’t have this decision-induced fomo. The other day I went to get a bagel. Never mind that I was late for an appointment – I couldn’t decide what bagel/cream cheese combo to get. I lost my place in line multiple times because I wasn’t ready to order. Finally I made my decision based off someone else’s Yelp review.

today’s conundrum

If I can barely choose a bagel, how am I ever supposed to choose a life path?

I’ve asked for advice from friends. But to each opinion I find myself arguing the merits of the other option. There must be another way.

As I contemplate path A vs. path B. I realize that my fear of regret might be a good thing.

A life decision is never just one decision. With each path, I have the potential to make may good decisions (or many poor ones) afterwards. I could choose to mope about in either path. Or I could choose to instill new habits and make the most of each one.

If I take path B and squander it, then I will certainly regret it. But if I choose A and make the most of it by meeting as many new people as possible, being super productive, starting new projects, willingly failing and trying again, investing in my health… the chances of looking back and wondering of Path B are slim.

I haven’t yet made my decision. Knowing me, it will probably come down to the wire. But I have made a decision to minimize future regret by making the most of either path – whatever I choose. If I choose to stay in NY , I had damn well better make the most of my life here. And if I take this unknown path, I have another list of habits to act on.

They say as you get older, you regret the actions you did not take more than the ones you did. Either path could be an action-path. Fear of regret will help me make the most of either.