Bing premiered this ad during the Golden Globes tonight. It’s a nice video… until Bing comes in. I get that brands want to make emotional connections in their ads, and this one does just that. I don’t understand what Bing has to do with heroic women. If the connection to the brand is missing, then the ad is just a video.

Pantene went viral with a male/female stereotypes ad a few weeks ago ( Unlike Bing, Pantene has a strong product/ad connection: Pantene themes the ad about women shining strong, and makes a hair product that is known for shiny hair. As a beauty brand, Pantene will be known for outer and inner female confidence.

Bing doesn’t have a connection to female empowerment, and the ad does not seem to attempt to make one either. The only connection is that Bing “salutes” the women in the ad. If I had to guess, Bing’s marketers discovered that supporting women scores high marks in terms of positive branding, and moved forward with this ad despite no relevance to the product. I don’t feel like Bing is behind me as a woman. In fact I feel like Bing is trying to game me into their search engine by hopping on the supporting women bandwagon. Bing should reevaluate what makes them great, and try a marketing strategy that makes sense with its product.

Bing states on its website, “Bing is a search engine that brings together the best of search and people in your social networks to help you spend less time searching and more time doing.” I think Bing could easily create an ad that incorporated its manifesto a bit more, possibly by showing the benefits of social in your search engine.

If Bing is serious about this emotional ad (which did get some traction in terms of viral advertising in social media) it should make sure the benefit to Bing is clear. Such as – find out more about these women through Bing.