While working for P&G, I’ve noticed a lot of branding is done around efficacy. Our paper towels absorb more than yours (Bounty), our moisturizers prevent more aging than yours (Olay), our batteries last longer than yours (Duracell).

However, as emotional branding becomes the norm, I’m excited to see P&G leveraging emotion to win categories. Pantene’s recent gender stereotypes ad hit all the marks to capture the hearts of feminists, while P&G corporate’s Thank You Mom ad draws on the emotional connection between a kid and their mom (and made it to the top of viral vid charts)

One brand which caught my eye today is Scope.

Johnson&Johnson-owned Listerine is #1 in the mouthwash category, and owns the “we are more effective than you” space. Instead of trying to outdo Listerine in health claims, Scope is outdoing Listerine in emotion, positioning itself as a key to the success of your sex life.

In the past, Scope has focused on efficacy (see Onionator ad) but last year used print ads to reposition itself around getting closer to the opposite sex in spontaneous fun.

Onionator Close Encounters Comfort Zones

Scope is now going a step further by installing Scope dispensers in Canadian bars with the messaging “Don’t miss the kiss,” to further solidify Scope as an aid to dating success. Here, Scope is inducing trial right where you want it, and drawing a connection between Scope and a very emotional experience.

If I were Listerine I would be nervous. Listerine might clean my mouth, but Scope is going to win my heart.

(Article: http://mediaincanada.com/2014/01/10/spotted-scope-dispensers-freshen-up-restrooms/)

dont miss the kiss

My idea – I swear I saw a tweet somewhere that said partnerships are the future of branding. And I couldn’t agree more. The partnership that came to mind immediately when I saw this strategy is Tinder. To non-users, Tinder may seem silly. I personally think it’s one of the best dating apps, because there is no humblebrag profile. It’s simple physical attraction, and then straight to chatting and determining if there is a spark or not, which is the closest to real life dating that I’ve seen online.

Back to branding. I think Tinder would be down, because as far as I know, the app doesn’t yet make money. Scope’s print ads show they are already targeting 20-somethings and not afraid to be a little risque. Scope could rebrand the app for a few days (I’m thinking the Tinder fire logo could be replaced with a minty green drop) and use the app to remind daters to be ready for the kiss with Scope. Scope could place ads on the homepage, or send you an ad when you get matched. Hell, since privacy is going out the window anyway, maybe they could even program the Scope ad to pop up once you and a match have sent messages exchanging numbers. The ads could have messaging like “you’ve got a match, don’t miss the kiss.” For Scope, it’s another way to stay fresh and break through the clutter of typical advertising (although their team seems to be doing just fine).

Thoughts, ideas, criticisms?