I heard that Lays potato chips is looking for a re-branding strategy. It makes sense – Lays is an iconic brand of potato chips…but what does the brand really stand for? All I think of is…chips. Dependable, commoditized, chips. I guess they have some decent flavors. They’re a standard party snack. But they could be more. Lays is ripe for brand driven innovation.

Party of One

I saw a recent Lay’s ad recently “Party of One,” in which a young woman is enjoying Lays on a night in. She tweets, “So excited for tonight!” and proceeds to settle down with her laptop and a bowl of Lays chips.
I enjoy a night alone with a movie. And there’s certainly a growing market for snacks eaten while watching TV on your laptop. Lays has good insight to market around that space and broaden its market from party snack to everyday snack. But the execution of the ad is subpar – it doesn’t get me pumped to have a party of one with Lays.
The issue is the tweet. The vague “so excited for tonight!” tweet makes the woman seem kind of sad (and doesn’t seem like a realistic use of Twitter). I think Lays could have chosen a better way to associate Lays and TV without using Twitter. Maybe she’s excited to catch up on her favorite show, and excitedly stops at the store to grab her Lays to accompany it.
Other Lays Idea – Partnership vs Advertisement
I think a content partnership builds a better association between Lays and watching TV alone. Why doesn’t Lays team up with Netflix to provide association between your favorite content provider and your favorite snack? Send in your Netflix login for a free snackpack to eat during your next TV marathon.

Lays could also do some content marketing to associate TV watching with Lays – silly mini videos/vines/GIFs of people feeding Lays chips to their favorite TV stars in the heat of drama via their computer screens. Got this idea from Oreo’s #RoastJoffrey post the other day (https://vine.co/v/h2buEZ2ewUH). It’s pretty funny, and makes the Lays/TV association clear and fun.

Finally – if Lays builds a strong TV association, it gives Lays some credibility in the TV food brandspace, a perfect segway to the Popcorn market. More products, more money, bigger brand.
What do you think of Lays Party of One campaign?