making room

I was just at a house party at a 3 bed-room flat near London Business School. We're all students, and on a student budget. But this flat had a huge common space. And not just any common space. It's a... Continue Reading →


What came first, the work or the hours?

In New York things is open late. You can get anything you - groceries, laundry, a last minute gift - on the way home from work. I've been spoiled. I just moved to London, and lo and behold, my local... Continue Reading →

Expectations v Reality

They say happiness comes from the difference between expectations and reality. Want to have a good vacation? Or get excited about the New York apartments available in your budget? Lower your expectations. The issue is that expectations tend to rise.... Continue Reading →

looking for brand space in athletics

Photo cred: If I was launching an athletic brand, how would I do it differently? While biking down New York's West Side highway I pedaled past a young blonde woman,  mid jog in the opposite direction. Clamped to her... Continue Reading →

Unboxing Samsung’s “Unbox your phone” campaign

I've seen this "Unbox your phone" Samsung campaign in a few places around New York. I like the photography. It's eye catching and beautiful. But from a messaging standpoint I can't tell if it will be effective. It feels similar... Continue Reading →

The importance of admitting you don’t know everything

Empathy is my job. Literally. Clients pay my employer (and, indirectly, me) to help them get in tune with how their customers feel so they can develop better communications for them. I love what I do. But after an uproar from Black Twitter over a... Continue Reading →

what comes next?

After Facebook eats Snapchat's lunch through it's incessant copying of features? After everyone is stuck in Facebook's ecosystem to share, story, filter, react, live video, chat, videochat, bot-chat, voice-chat, read, buy, and more? After Facebook's KPI-driven managers tell their product teams to come up... Continue Reading →

If we want better news, we need to pay for it.

Was the Oscars mixup really that big a deal? For Twitter, maybe yes, but was it enough to warrant the production of articles retelling the mishap all over the web, including the front page of the NYTimes (plus a few other posts... Continue Reading →

Will brands take the place of journalism?

In the past few weeks, The NYTimes, The Washington Post, and The Atlantic have all made public cases for people to pay more attention to their journalism. The NYTimes and The Atlantic went so far as to hire some of the... Continue Reading →

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